Wedding Pianist

Having played piano for countless weddings, Zach Sprowls is well-equipped to serve your wedding music needs and make your special day exactly what you want it to be!


Many couples are having to adjust their wedding plans to the new social-distancing rules. Zach is uniquely equipped to make your wedding absolutely perfect even in these conditions!

If you’re planning a small wedding in your parent’s backyard, Zach’s set up is completely portable, sounds phenomenal, and looks clean and professional.

If you prefer even more social distancing and plan to just play music from your phone but can’t find a version of your favorite song, Zach can make a beautiful arrangement of any song you like, professionally record it, and send it straight to your phone for use in your ceremony.

Traditional wedding musician

With a classical piano training and years spent working for churches, Zach knows traditional wedding music for pianists very well and can play it with precision, beauty, and emotion.

Modern wedding pianist

With experience and expertise as a performer, composer, and arranger of modern styles of music, Zach is well-equipped to make your wedding exactly what you want it to be. He’s done it all! – from “Sweet Child O’ Mine” for the bridal party entrance to a roaring recessional of Jon Schmidt’s new-age “All of Me”. If there’s a song or a moment you’ve waited all your life for, Zach can make it a reality for you!

Wedding Pianist near Scranton

Zach is a wedding pianist based in Scranton, PA. Any wedding in Scranton or nearby towns – Clarks Summit, Old Forge, Dickson City, etc. – are all super convenient and subject only to availability. Send an email through the contact page to find out if Zach is available for your wedding!

Wedding Pianist in Northeast PA

Zach is a wedding pianist serving the greater Northeast Pennsylvania region and beyond. Depending on availability, Zach is willing to travel wherever you are to ensure you have the best piano music possible for your wedding. Mileage and travel expenses may apply. Send an email through the contact page to find out about availability and other details.

Sound Equipment

Obviously, most wedding venues (e.g. churches) are going to have their own piano and sound system. However, if your wedding will be in a different kind of venue (e.g. if it’s outside) or if your wedding reception does not have a piano and/or sound equipment, Zach is able to provide whatever is needed.


If you would like to inquire about Zach serving your wedding pianist needs, or if you have any other kind of questions, just head to the contact page and drop an email.